My Family History

Edith and Alice Goodwin and Kathleen Connors
Edith and Alice Goodwin
and Kathleen Connors

As delighted and proud as I am to have been born, raised and still living in God's own County of Yorkshire, I cannot claim to have any deep ancestry here. My ancestors are an eclectic mix with a superficial line of grandparents moving here through their work, from other parts of the Country. By the synchronicity of their matches they produced my brother and I who have both had tests for Y-DNA and mtDNA.

The main surnames are as follows:

CARR Yorkshire, Northumberland
ALLBROOK Yorkshire, Staffordshire
CONNORS Yorkshire, Nova Scotia Canada, Cashell Ireland
GOODWIN Derbyshire
HARRINGTON Yorkshire, Staffordshire
GARLICK Yorkshire
PASKIN Staffordshire
ROACH Ireland
SNELL Suffolk
LOCK Suffolk
BROWN Cumbria

If you are researching any of these names in these counties, then please do get in touch.

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