Pam Smith has meticulously opened up a whole new vista on my large and diverse family. I'm thrilled with the report and chart - it's like an adventure with real people that I know! It's given us all so much pleasure.

SW. Hampsthwaite

Over the past three years, Pam Smith has researched my Family Tree, after I sent her a 15 page history produced by eldest brother of C. S. Forester, the author, and son of my maternal grandfather's brother. The information it contained was full of errors but Pam, who is meticulous in requiring documentary proof at all times, produced a true record, resulting in an incredible Family Tree over sixteen feet in length. Those who have received copies both here in Australia, and in England, Spain and America, have all responded with amazed acclamation. It is certainly a wonderful achievement; a treasured record to be passed on to those who follow us. For me, as patriarch, I have the satisfaction of knowing that we now have an accurate Family Tree, thanks to Pam's efforts.

To be in correspondence with Pam, is a delightful experience. At the height of her researches, e-mails were almost a daily experience, in fact something worth anticipating, for I never knew what she would come up with next. Pam, the epitome of patience in her fossicking here and everywhere, and encouraging me when things disappointed and were not as expected, is a quality I came to copy.

Thank you Pam for all you have achieved, and above all, for the person you are, with all the attributes that make a successful genealogist.

John Henry Gates, Australia

Pam Smith agreed to research our family history. I was only able to give Pam access to a small amount of information. This included the Family Bible and some letters together with an article that had been published in a technical journal some years ago.

From this sketchy background, Pam has been able to research our antecedents going back around 250 years. To do this Pam used the internet, personal visits to view Church records, library material and to other places where archives can be found. Whilst research took place, Pam consistently updated us on progress.

It is clear that the resulting Family Tree has been properly and thoroughly researched and entries substantiated to make certain it is an authentic record.

I have no hesitation in saying that Pam has a professional approach, produces a readable and accurate record and is a pleasure to work with.

Joe Aspdin, North Deighton, Wetherby

As a surprise Christmas present my wife Caroline contacted Pam and asked her to track down my roots. Something I had been meaning to do for about ten years!

Doing the job without being able to ask me any questions can't have made the job any easier and as it was for Christmas....there was a 'deadline'.

The result was stunning. A fabulous piece of work beautifully presented with copies of all the relevant documents from way back when. Best Christmas present ever, not just for me but all the kids are intrigued too.

There were a few new mysteries, so I am hoping Pam will find more answers and add some more detail to the tree over the coming months.

Thanks Pam and biggest recommendation ever!

Tony Campbell, Harrogate

As an adopted person, I had a piece of me inside that was missing. Pam helped me to find my birth family. I now know that my abilities and disabilities, the choices I have picked and the values that I carry are because of them. The investment spent is priceless to me. Thank you Pam.

Julie Marder, Leeds


“Best Christmas present ever, not just for me but all the kids are intrigued too.”
Tony Campbell, Harrogate

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