Genealogy Services

My aim is to enable each client to discover an unknown past. Your ancestors will be brought to life before your eyes and recorded with a family history report and chart. You will discover who they were, their birthday, who they married and when they died with sources and citations for every fact. You will see what they did for a living, where they lived and what their community was like and much more.

You may wish to dig further and I can investigate if your ancestors left a will, owned or rented a property. Did they appear in a newspaper? Were they prosperous or paupers? Did they serve in the armed forces? Did they emigrate and start a new life? My expertise will reveal their hiding place by hook or by crook.

Your ancestors were as original as you are now and therefore I do not produce a standard genealogical package but one which is unique to your family. No request is too small.

Would you like to discover more on your own but lack the time to attend a class? Then you may benefit from a one-to-one guidance session with supervision.

Working Together

We will establish an agreeable, working relationship to find your ancestors.
During a free initial consultation, I will need to know:

  • what is your aim
  • what you already know
  • what documents are in your possession
  • any previous research carried out by yourself or others

Before commencing your research project, you will receive a proposal outlining

  • the likely chances of success
  • the estimated cost
  • an expected time-frame for the research
  • the proposed sources

During the research project, I will

  • provide you with regular updates on progress
  • inform you of any unexpected delays or difficulties
  • discuss any significant increase in costs
  • where research is not successful I will provide details of records searched

Upon completion, I will

  • prepare a research report including all sources consulted with citations for every fact
  • construct a family tree
  • supply originals of any certificates, digital photographs and copies of documents
An example family tree - click to enlarge
An example family tree - click to view

For details of pricing and terms, please see my terms and conditions.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me.


“A fabulous piece of work beautifully presented with copies of all the relevant documents from way back when.”
Tony Campbell, Harrogate

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