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Jane and Thomas Allbrook
Jane and Thomas Allbrook

My family surname of ALLBROOK and the variant of ALLBROOKE, is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. A One-Name Study is a global project researching facts about a surname and all the people who have held it regardless of whether or not they are related to the study holder.

Origin of the Surname

There are no entries in the surname dictionaries and this omission raised alarm bells at first. The Internet Surname Database offers an explanation that the LOCATIONAL name originates from Allbrook a now ‘diminished’ village near the City of Winchester in Hampshire. Allbrook and North Boyatt is a village and civil parish currently in the Borough of Eastleigh in Hampshire.

The name’s meaning

The place name meaning is believed to be ‘Ealda’s broc’, with Ealda being an Olde English pre 5th century personal name. The TOPOGRAPHICAL name of ‘Broc’ in its original meaning was an area of water which described water meadows which formed after a flood before drying out in the spring.

Frequency of the name

The frequency of the names has been studied during the census years 1841-1911 in the UK. In 1881 there were approximately 275 occurrences of the ALLBROOK name in England, Wales and Scotland and 170 of the ALLBROOKE name. There was one occurrence of the Allbrook name in the 1880 US census. Both surname and variation have held fast to their spelling to present day. In 1881 the name was ranked 25,320.


Whilst I collect data on the variant of ALLBROOKE I acknowledge there are other variant spellings of ALBROOK, ALEBROOK, ALEBROOKE, ALBROKE, HOLBROOK . HOLBROKE and HALLBROOK/E. There are also many deviant spellings which could be the result of mis-hearing, transcription and enumeration errors.

Distribution of the name

Handsworth, Staffordshire is the original source of my direct line in 1809. The British 19th Century Surname Atlas demonstrates the ALLBROOK surname present in Middlesex, Lancashire, Staffordshire and to a lesser extent in Warwickshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Worcestershire, Essex and Surrey.

Family Groups

There are two main groups of ALLBROOK/ES. One who were either canal boatmen and glass blowers in West Bromwich, Staffordshire and one who were wealthy coal merchants in London. A link between the two families is proving elusive.

Recent discoveries

There is a strong possibility that the ALLBROOK FAMILY were originally HOLBROOK following a recent discovery of a marriage between Thomas HALLBROOK and Elizabeth CASTLE ON 24 Apr 1837 in Saint Mary’s, Handsworth, Staffordshire. The only baptismal entry available for Thomas is Thomas HOLBROOK baptised 27 Aug 1809 in All Saints, West Bromwich with parents George and Sarah HOLBROOK.

The topographical and locational name of Holbrook means ‘brook in a ravine’ according to Penguin Dictionary of British Surnames by John Titford. It is a place name in Derbyshire, Dorset, Gloucs, Suffolk, Sussex and Warwickshire and is commonest in the Midlands. Work in Progress.

Examples of Allbrook Births, Marriages and Deaths

Allbrook Births

Allbrook Marriages

Allbrook Deaths

If you have Allbrooks in your family tree then I would be delighted to hear from you.

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